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Recipient address rejected: unverified address: Address verification in progress

Pada zimbra fasilitas ini di pergunakan untuk mengecek apakah email valid atau tidak dan pada saat verifikasi apabila lebih dari 6 detik maka akan muncul pesan seperti ini "Recipient address rejected: unverified address: Address verification in progress"  ini tidak berarti benar – benar di reject tetapi masih dalam progress dan untuk memastikanya mesti dlihat pada log  /var/log/mail.info atau sesuai settingan zimbra anda.

Untuk memastikan email address valid atau tidak bisa melalui web semisal = http://network-tools.com/

Add white list user in zimbra

Today my user complain because he can'not send email fromnetwork in their  apartment, after check the log i found

Helo command rejected: need fully-qualified hostname

For easy way I just add to the white list in:


whitelist_from *@yahoo.net

And restart the services

zmmtactl restart && zmamavisdctl restart


UnInstalling Zimbra on Linux

Uninstall Directions for Linux/All Other Operating Systems

As root:
1) Run the commands:
su – zimbra
zmcontrol stop
(you should be root after you run exit)

2a) Run the command: ps -ef | grep -i zimbra
If you see running processes
2b) Kill any lingering processes: kill -9 <pid>

3a) Run the command: df
If you see "amavisd"
3b) run command: umount /opt/zimbra/amavisd<-new-blah>/tmp

4) cd /<tmp_tar_install_dir>/zcs/

5) Run the command: ./install.sh -u

6) Run the following commands to complete the unistall:
rm -rf /opt/zimbra
rm -rf /var/log/*zimbra*
rm -rf /tmp/*zimbra*
rm -rf /tmp/hsperfdata*
rm -rf /tmp/install.*
rm -rf /tmp/*swatch*
rm -rf /tmp/log*

Ensure that you removed ALL the files owned by the user zimbra AND that contain the name "zimbra" in:

7) Run the following commands to delete the users and groups:
userdel zimbra
userdel postfix
groupdel zimbra
groupdel postfix

8) Remove the line "/dev/shm /opt/zimbra/amavisd-new-2.4.1/tmp tmpfs defaults,users,size=150m,mode=777 0 0" from /etc/fstab.

9) Remove the Zimbra logging lines below from /etc/syslog.conf:
local0.* -/var/log/zimbra.log
auth.* -/var/log/zimbra.log
mail.* -/var/log/zimbra.log

10) Remove logrotate config file for Zimbra (CentOS, RHEL)
rm -f /etc/logrotate.d/zimbra

11) Remove the Zimbra lines below from /etc/prelink.conf (CentOS, RHEL)
# added for Zimbra
-l /opt/zimbra/lib
-l /opt/zimbra/sleepycat/lib
-l /opt/zimbra/openldap/lib
-l /opt/zimbra/cyrus-sasl/lib
-l /opt/zimbra/mysql/lib

12) Remove Zimbra entries in /etc/rc* (CentOS, RHEL)
chkconfig –del zimbra

Other methods:(assuming you didn't already try the above)
(dijichi2) if you get stuck and really want to just purge it from the system, try:
rpm -e `rpm -qa |grep zimbra`
rm -rf /opt/zimbra
delete zimbra entries from /etc/sudoers
delete zimbra entries from root and zimbra crontabs

On Ubuntu servers dpkg may think that Zimbra is still installed. Check by running dpkg –list (-l) or dpkg -q zimbra* and see if zimbra items are still listed. You can remove them by running:
dpkg –remove zimbra-apache zimbra-ldap zimbra-mta zimbra-spell zimbra-core zimbra-logger zimbra-snmp zimbra-store or

sudo rm -r /opt/zimbra


Check mailbox overquota “zimbra admin”

Untuk melihat user email yang over quota dari webadmin zimbra bisa di lakukan dengan pertama login ke halaman admin seperti biasa dan selanjutnya melihat ke menu:

  1. Server Status
  2. Monitoring
  3. Server Statistics
  4. Mailbox Quota



Untuk melihat gambar lebih jelas silahkan di klick image di atas.

Change password zimbra user using zmprov

zmprovToday I was so sad cause the internet connection from home is too late, and when my user mail need help to change the password I have difficulties to access the administrator page from web. And I try to change the password directly from the server command. Ciayooo that is easy to do it…

Login to server as # root , than do su zimbra and follow the command below :

Create one account with a password that is assigned to the default COS:
zmprov ca name@domain.com password
Create one account with a password that is assigned to a specified COS. You must know the COS ID number. To find a COS ID, type gc <COSname>.:
zmprov ca name@domain.com <password> zimbraCOSid <cosIDnumberstring>
Create one account when the password is not authenticated internally:
zmprov ca name@domain.com
Change the administrator’s password. Use this command to change any password. Enter the address of the password to be changed:
zmprov sp admin@domain.com password
To list all COSs and their attribute values:
zmprov gac -v
To list all COSs and their attribute values:
zmprov gaa domain.com
To list all user accounts and their configurations:
zmprov gaa -v domain.com


Your password in no longer valid. Please choose a new password

I’m  force user to change password for first time login to webmail zimbra, this error appeared ” Your password in no longer valid. Please choose a new password” this have bad spell and it should “Your password is no longer valid. Please choose a new password”. Is hard to find and change it. After search for several hour I am find the place :

Your password in no longer1.  Login as  #root

2. Change to zimbra user#su zimbra

3. Copy this code $ vi /opt/zimbra/jetty-6.1.5/webapps/zimbra/WEB-INF/classes/messages/ZMsg.properties

4. Find this account.CHANGE_PASSWORD = Your password in no longer valid. Please choose a new password.

5. And change from in to is

Your password in no longers

How to delete and purge IMAP e-mail in Microsoft Outlook 2003

1.  Click  your inbox:


2. Click,Tools, Customize


3. Select, Edit -> Purge Deleted Message and drug into header of outloox


4. See the header below:


5.  I’am  delet my inbox and look strikeout


6.  Select Purge Deleted Messages  (Remember, this PERMANENTLY deletes these messages from the SERVER. If you are sure you want to do that, click “Yes” to the prompt below.)